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Gytheio - The Land of Gods

According to mythology, when the city was being built, god Apollo came into conflict with Hercules because of the magic tripod of the Oracle of Delphi. But because there were not a winner, rathen than giving the name Heraklion or Apollonia, the city named ‘’Γύη Θεών’’ that means Gythio, in order both to be honored.


Gythio is located in the southern Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Laconia. It is just 42 km from Sparta, the largest city in the prefecture, and 256 km from Athens. It is connected with driving all over Greece becauce in Gythio ends the highway from Sparta and the coastal road from Skala. Also, from Gythio the road continues to Areopoli and Mani, while the east road turns to Monemvasia. Finally, there is a connection through the marine coastline of Kythira, Antikythira and Crete (Chania), the ships set sail from the port of Gythio.

How To Access

The main way to access Gythio is by road using private car or bus. Also, there is the possibility going through sea with the shorelines of the harbor of Gythio. Below are mentioned some of the distances of major cities of Greece from Gythio.

How To Travel

Your transportation inside Gythio can be done on foot because in 45 minutes you can go from the one side to the other. For travel outside of Gythio, it is appropriate to use a private car or the bus. There is the possibility of renting a car, motorcycle and bicycle. Also, the buses are covering long distances in case you would like to organize a trip to one of the famous places near Gythio.

Popular destinations near Gythio

Just in few kilometers you can found famous places of Peloponnese where you can visit during your vacations for one-day excursions. Diros Caves, the Castle of Passava, Mystras, the castle of Monemvasia, the island Kythira and Elafonisos and of course the myriad monasteries and villages in magical places with wondeful view.


Just 2 kilometers from Gythio is located the famous beach of Maurobouniou with length of 4 kilometers. Also, after the beach of Maurobouniou are following the beach Vathi and Kamares in which it operates watersports shop. In the opposite side is the beach of Selinitsa with the famous shipwreck. Of course all the beaches bordering the waters of Lacanic Gulf, have in their possesion a blue flag.